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The Day Care Centre is a unit of the Children’s Genaral Hospital “Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou”.

The Head of the unit, since 1985, is the clinical psychologist, Stergios Notas D.P.MGR.

The multidisciplinary team, which is the scientific "core" of the unit, consists of the following:

STERGIOS NOTAS, Clinical Psychologist, Head of the Unit

  • CHRISTOS KAMBAKOS, Child Psychiatrist, Lecturer in the N.H.S.
  • MARIA NIKOLAIDOU, Social Worker
  • DIMITRA KALPOGIANNI, Occupational Therapist
  • STILIANI TSIMPLOULI, Speech Therapist
  • ALKMINI BOUTRI, Clinical Psychologist
  • ANTIGONI MERTIKA, Psychologist
  • NEFELI SOTIRAKOPOULOU, Special Educator - Psychologist
  • CHRISTINA ROMNIOU, Nurse – Educator
  • AGELIKI HAROKOPOU, Nurse – Educator
  • CHRISTINA SIDIROPOULOU, Nurse – Special Educator
  • AIKATERINI MASTORAKOU, Nurse – Special Educator
  • PANAGIOTIS KERAMIDAS, Special Educator
  • VASILIKI ANAGNOSTOU, Nurse – Special Educator – Work Therapist
  • ALEXANDRA DEMENAGA, Executive Assistant

This team is supported by a variety of staff aided by trainees in the fields of Psychology and Occupational therapy, as well as a number of trainee health professionals.

The team is assisted by associate heath practitioners of various disciplines.